What's the Point of Getting Massage?

Whether you’re in Maui on vacation or live in the Upcountry Maui area and want some deep relief, relaxation, or reprieve, In Touch Maui Mobile Massage can help!

Receive a massage from the comfort of your home or Maui vacation rental and you can relax in the comfort of your own space without having to drive to (and from) your massage.

Massage does a lot to keep your body running smoothly:

  • RELAXES THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: Massage turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the “rest and digest” phase, vs the sympathetic or “fight or flight” mode that we tend to be in most of the time in our busy lives.

  • RELEASES TRAUMA: Whether you’re struggling from an injury, have scar tissue from surgery, or are stressed with a move, work, or losing a loved one, a healing touch can help you get a clear mind and release tension.

  • RECHARGES YOUR BODY: As you can read in the testimonials, In Touch Intuitive Massage will travel to your home for an outcall massage to help you feel like yourself again. Bringing balance, intention, and deep love for what she does, Carly will help your recharge to be the best you can be!

There are so many benefits to getting massage and knowing an outcall massage in Maui is only a phone call away means peace of mind. Book an in-home Maui Massage today!